Who am I?

Jim retired from IBM, boasting a career of innovation and transformation and holding the very rare and distinct honor of being an IBM Fellow.

Jim began his IBM career as a Senior Technical Staff Member. In this role, he created a new standalone embedded software business to, in turn, drive billions of new enterprise transactions by forging early directions for IoT business segments in Mobile, Automotive, Industrial, and Residential.

Subsequently, Jim served as a Distinguished Engineer where he drove 5 consecutive years of growth for the IBM Collaboration portfolio, and simultaneously established an industry wide ubiquitous programming model (5M+ users) between all forms of Clients (rich desktop, browser, mobile, embedded) and Servers.

Jim was then appointed as an IBM Fellow where he grew a new, SaaS focused business unit (Industry Solutions) from inception into a multi-billion dollar engine serving Line of Business (LoB) buyers and users. During this time Jim also served as one of two co-chairs for the IBM Software Group Architecture Board (spanning the entire portfolio of  IBM software products, world-wide).

His most recent position was as an IBM Fellow as well as VP and CTO of Watson Customer Engagement, where he transformed 220+ products (also multi-billion dollars in revenue) into 3 integrated SaaS platforms infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) targeting LoB buyers in e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and Supply Chain. During this time Jim also served as one of only 12 Technology Team Advisory Board members setting the Technology Team agenda for the CEO and senior leadership across the entire portfolio.

Jim is currently consulting and mentoring with a number of startups. His key focus areas include innovation, leadership, teaming, transformation, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and SaaS/Cloud. His proven strengths include creating new businesses from the ground up, designing/developing and delivering products for a wide variety of users and types of buyers, transforming entire organizations, and forming cross-discipline worldwide teams.

Jim has both MSCS and MSME degrees from UT-Austin and a BSME from the University of Michigan.

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